Thursday, March 17, 2011

Astra Honda Motor Record Production to 30 Million

PT Astra Honda Motor has managed to secretly record the production reached 30 million units yesterday (16 / 3) at 11.00 pm on plant Cikarang, West Java. The amount represents a new achievement for the AHM which had been pioneered since 40 years ago.

The celebration is done in a modest success at the company's internal. Unlike when the achievement of the 25 million units on October 3, 2009, AHM doing quite festive celebration with my level government officials invited the Director-General of the department of industry.

Unit-30 million production to coincide with the model Scoopy creamy-white color. When the unit to-25 million fall in the Vario Techno. "Thank you for the support so far," said Alexander Auddie Wiranata, Marketing Director of AHM to, last night (16 / 3).

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