Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sula Islands: Crossroads of Maluku & Sulawesi

Somewhat obscure and lacking in obvious attractions, the Sula Islands are in fact a potentially useful stepping stone trying to travel between North and Central Maluku or Sulawesi by sea. They are also very much at the crossroads of these regions culturally. While traditionally part of the sultanates of North Maluku, the local dialect of Malay is noticeably closer to Ambonese, and there are lots of migrants from overpopulated Southeast Sulawesi living on sparsely populated Mangole and Taliablu. Nature-lovers might be interested in exploring the forested interior of the larger islands, perhaps to try and spot the elusive babirusa or the Sulas' eight species of endemic birds, but they had better be prepared for the fact that loggers have been there long before them, and the forests here are far from pristine. Still, this is one region where you can easily get way off the beaten track if you wish to do so while stopping over on the way to somewhere else!

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